The Github issues software


Volta is a SaaS product that helps users manage GitHub issues when dealing with a large number of repositories. With Volta, you can centralize and organize all your GitHub issues from various repositories in one convenient place.

Volta provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to efficiently track, sort, and prioritize GitHub issues. You can create custom dashboards to visualize the status of issues, assignments, labels, and other important metrics. By using Volta, you can streamline your issue management process, save time, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. It offers a comprehensive solution for effectively handling and resolving GitHub issues across multiple repositories.

User interfaces

I tried to represent the main concept of Volta through the UI: it empowers your Github Experience. To remind the Github aspect of the project, I used in various ways shapes related to GitHub actions (branch, merge, …)

This version was not implemented but I loved exploring some ideas of glowing neons in UI which helped me with the Studio branding.

Motion design

This piece of work was done in collaboration with @moriceau_sarah. The idea behind it was to showcase all features of Volta for the open release of the product. It was challenging to show features that are not visually clear and also make the audience understand the gain of using Volta.